SMTP Pro is the best free, open source SMTP solution for Magento. It gives merchants complete control of custom SMTP server settings for sending magento emails and includes pre-configuration for popular services such as gmail and google apps.

Features at a glance:

  • Trusted for 5 years and over 35,000 downloads
  • Custom SMTP server support in your Magento store
  • Outbound email logging
  • Debug logging
  • Developer Friendly
  • Handy table of compatible email service providers

This extension provides complete control of Email settings for Magento. It can send with any custom SMTP server, your GMail or Google Apps account, AWS Simple Email Service and SendGrid.

For SMTP you can specify authentication methods from None, Login, Plain or CRAM-MD5. You can choose to secure the connection with SSL or TLS, or disable secure connections completely. The host and port are configurable.

The extension includes a self test option, which lets you verify your settings are correct and it works with Magento Newsletters, two features you may not find in other, older, SMTP extensions.

Please refer to the GitHub page ( or the extension home page ( for more info.

If you have any questions, feedback or feature requests, please let me know on [email protected]

Release Notes and Releases:

2.0.6 – bug fixes, Magento 1.9.1 queue support, translations

2.0.5 – bug fixes, integration, translations

2.0.3 – bug fixes, translations, better error detection

2.0.2 – Bug Fixes, translations

2.0.1 – Bug Fixes, translations

2.0.0 – initial public release of SMTP Pro v2.